Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tiny post

No, this isnt a "real" post.
I just realized that I have been wanting to post something new for a while now, and I havent ever taken the time to do so.
Im still alive if anyone was wondering.
Im having a hard night. I have had more hard nights recently, and im trying to cope with them, I wish I were able to express how I feel more succinctly, but all I seem able to expel is verbal vomit.
I sometimes feel like im failing at being alive. if you dont know what I mean, I cant explain it. Sorry.
Holy crap im depressing!
Nobody knows anything. We'll just jump and we'll see.


Annette Larsen said...

"That's life, right?"
Sorry you're having a hard night. Sometimes the verbal vomit can be good. Many times the only way I can figure out what I feel is to write out all crap until I finally get to something worthwhile. But that's me. :) I don't know what works for you, but I love you and wish many smiles upon you.
And chicken sandwiches

Christine said...

You should call and talk to me sometime so I can practice my therapy skillz on you.

You look SO awesome in your new family pics! Way to go losing all that weight!

Meredith said...

Now I know how you feel when you read something on my blog before I talk to you about it... :/

Even though I know you have been feeling down...I didn't know exactly what you were feeling. I'm just sorry you don't feel like you can talk to me. But at least you have a loving bunch of sisters that are there for ya, too, to share with when you need to.

Hang in there, Hun. This, too, shall it usually does. :)

Jana said...

Brain Cloud.

Kayla said...

I am glad you are alive... I am so sorry you are feeling this way.. Stay strong..Life is hard but SO worth it.

Bryce & Cherise said...

Jana called it. Totally a bring cloud.

Eric you do you remember like 6 years ago during my first semester of college and you randomly called me and I was so friggin depressed and anxious all the time and you were mad that I never called you?? Hello, pick up the phone and call one of us! Especially me! I never talk to you anymore! Wah! I miss my big brother!

Love you!!

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